John Herzog

John Herzog received a BS in Oceanography from the University of Washington (1989) and an MS (1993) and PhD (1995) in Geological Sciences from the University of Colorado. With more than 15 years of experience in remedial design, strategy development and environmental management, he has managed a broad range of waterfrontrelated projects, especially those with issues related to contaminated sediments, remedial design and construction, geotechnical characterisation and upland redevelopment. His expertise encompasses dredged material management, sediment evaluation and cleanup, nearshore soil and groundwater evaluation and cleanup, and habitat restoration projects, with a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory issues related to marine sediment remediation, remedial design and construction processes and geotechnical analyses.


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Articles By John Herzog

Former Scott Paper Mill Remediation and Restoration
Former Scott Paper Mill Remediation and Restoration
Authors: John Herzog

Going beyond the basic cleanup requirements led to improved public access to a waterfront park with a shoreline esplanade, restored beach, shoreline habitat areas, a pier and dock for small boats.

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