Cees Oerlemans

Cees works as a flood risk consultant at HKV. In 2020, he obtained a double MSc in Hydraulic Engineering and Science Communication at Delft University of Technology, in the Netherlands. His areas of focus include hydrodynamic modelling, adaptive delta management and Building with Nature. He has a keen interest in projects where the result relies on the integration of different disciplines.

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Articles By Cees Oerlemans

The impact and costs of Building with Nature projects

The use of nature and natural processes is an innovative way to increase water safety and create added value through nature development and recreation. This exploratory study provides an initial inventory of the impact and costs of existing Building with Nature projects in the Netherlands. It also includes an analysis of the decision-making process in choosing this type of project and identifies success factors. Building with Nature projects deliver added value but often also involve additional costs compared to traditional reinforcements. These costs give an indication of what we as a society are prepared to pay for the development of nature and recreation as part of hydraulic engineering projects.

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