Arjan Hijdra

A pracademic at heart, Arjan Hijdra has worked his entire career at developing water related infrastructure. His key expertise is optimising societal value and translating this to investment planning. Arjan worked for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and served as a researcher at the University of Groningen, MIT, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the World Economic Forum. He currently leads the Vital Ports initiative, an NGO with the aim to disseminate evidence-based guidance for sustainable port development.

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Articles By Arjan Hijdra

Deploying private capital to accelerate the green transition
Authors: Arjan Hijdra

Green solutions in ports, waterways and coastal projects have increasingly become available thanks to many years of research and pioneering efforts in practice. These sustainable and/or nature-based solutions have shown to be good alternatives for classic solutions, but application is far from mainstream yet. One of the major hurdles is the lack of access of private capital to finance these kinds of solutions despite the strong interest of capital markets in green infrastructure opportunities. Identifying the hurdles and paving a way forward to overcome these hurdles could therefore help to increase the uptake of those green solutions.

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