The IADC Dredging Influencer Community: A community that keeps you and your network informed about the developments within the dredging sector.

There is a lot going on in the dredging sector. As IADC, we want to inform the world about the industry’s developments and innovations. Currently, there is an enormous stream of information, especially on social media, and it is challenging to ensure our message reaches professionals like you.


This is something you can help us with and that’s why IADC started an initiative that shares your interest: the Dredging Influencer Community. This community ensures that you and your fellow professionals stay informed about interesting and relevant topics within the dredging sector.


IADC invites you to become a Dredging Influencer to give these important messages more visibility. When news emerges in the industry, IADC would like to inform you first. We hope this news will inspire you and that you will share this content via your own social networks.


Why share this information?

It can come from different motivations:

  1. From your involvement in the sector;
  2. From pride for the company you work for;
  3. To create social impact; or
  4. To put a spotlight on a project you have participated in.


By being a Dredging Influencer, you will receive an email once every two weeks with a selection of relevant content that you and your network can enjoy. You can always choose which topics suit your network and you can share them through Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn. The content is easy to share and you can also personalise each post and add your own message.


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