The International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC) is the global umbrella organisation for contractors in the private dredging industry: an industry that makes the world a safer, better and more sustainable place to live. IADC is driven to help that industry move forward with a variety of activities and publications, all of which can be found on this website.


Safety Award 2020
Nominations now open for the 2021 IADC Safety Awards

Nominations now open for the 2021 IADC Safety Awards. Safety Awards for Dredging Companies AND Supply Chain organisations.

03 March

FIDIC Webinar Series planned and available for dredging professionals

FIDIC Webinar Series planned and available for dredging professionals

24 February

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Seminars & Courses

To optimise the chances of the successful completion of a project, contracting parties should, from the start, fully understand the requirements of a dredging project. IADC’s seminar strives to provide an understanding of the basics of dredging through lectures and workshops which are given by industry experts in a classroom setting for a hands-on experience.

Online Course ‘Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure’
Mar 11
Location 4 half-days online course
Period 1 day
Date 11 March 2021
Level No prior knowledge required
Seminar on Dredging and Reclamation
Jun 21 - 25
Location Delft, The Netherlands
Period 5 days
Date 21 - 25 June 2021
Level No prior knowledge required
Singapore hosts IADC Seminar on Dredging and Reclamation in October 2021
Oct 04 - 08
Location Singapore
Period 5 days
Date 04 - 08 October 2021
Level No prior knowledge required


Dredging in Figures 2019

Dredging in Figures is an annual review of the global dredging market.

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Annual Report 2019

In this “Annual Report” the Board gives an overview of the state of affairs of IADC and its activities in 2019. The report highlights various projects that the Association has undertaken for the year.

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IADC has over a hundred main and associated members.

Latest issue

Terra et Aqua is a quarterly publication which aims to disseminate knowledge accrued by global dredging professionals as well as solutions to issues facing the industry. Issues of Terra et Aqua feature articles covering dredging projects as well as the topics of safety, socio-economics, technical innovations and the environment.


Published December 2020
Bio-Engineering Sediment Management And Removal of Turbidity Technologies: BESMART Technologies

At Deltares in the Netherlands, a research team is developing a portfolio of technologies dedicated to the management of the finest and most challenging fraction of soft sediments. These technologies may unambiguously be called nature based because they make use of natural processes to enhance dewatering and strengthening, induce flocculation and the settling of fines, and protect the muddy bed from erosion.

The Smartsediment tool: a QGIS plug-in for evaluating ecosystems services

Managing sediments, especially from dredging, is important for the management of estuaries and coastal areas. When implemented in the right way, a sediment management strategy can be qualified as a nature-based solution as it uses the physical processes of erosion and sedimentation to create added value. There is a need for an evaluation of sediment strategies and the habitats that are created for a wider range of objectives than only biodiversity and nature conservation. The concept of ecosystem services provides this broader framework.

Interview: Stéphanie Groen, Director of Coastal & Climate Change in Asia for Aurecon in Singapore

Stéphanie Groen works as the Director of Coastal & Climate Change, Asia for Aurecon. Based in Singapore, she was appointed to the position at the beginning of 2020. Previously, Stéphanie was involved in marine and environmental projects for more than 15 years with DHI and her education is in civil engineering and business administration. IADC also knows Stéphanie as the winner of the Young Author Award in 2007. More recently, she was appointed as a committee member to the prestigious FIDIC Sustainable Development Committee. We were interested to hear more from Stéphanie – her views on sustainability, the collaboration with the dredging industry through FIDIC and what her new role can mean for sustainable water infrastructure projects.

Land reclamation: The potential for subsurface freshwater storage

At present too little use is made of the opportunities that the design and construction of land reclamation offer for the underground storage and recovery of fresh water. The managed aquifer recharge systems in the coastal dunes of the Netherlands are a good example of successful subsurface water storage. And it is to be expected that the sandy deposits of land reclamations could serve a similar purpose. This in turn will contribute to a sustainable development of land reclamations.

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Mar 11
Jun 21 - 25
Seminar on Dredging and Reclamation

21/06/2021 - 25/06/2021 | Delft, The Netherlands