A day in the life of an editor at the IADC


The morning begins with scrolling through your inbox. What reactions have you gotten to your proposals for articles? Are there authors interested in publishing an article in Terra et Aqua? You read through a number of maritime newsletters and check a few important websites to see what’s going on in the industry. There’s always some inspiration for ideas for the magazine.

Now you walk next door to check with a colleague to see if you need to pitch in and react to any social media messages. You also discuss what you’ll have to write to announce our own upcoming events on our website and in social media. In the course of the morning you and René sit down to exchange thoughts on what needs to be done and when.

Later in the morning the whole team gathers in the conference room to get up to speed on the ongoing communication efforts and to plan and set priorities. Everyone gets a chance to share their own concerns and we’re now caught up and on the same page. One more thing before lunch: put the last touches on an article before it goes to the designer for layout.

“We are a close team where the editor plays an important role,”

says René Kolman, Secretary General of IADC


After lunch with the group, you have an appointment with one of the company members to go through the text of the latest Facts About sheet. You’ve spent a lot of effort doing your own research and getting input from experts to write this information brochure and now it’s time to double-check for accuracy. You’re meeting at the wharf at Moerdijk so that you can also get a tour of the shipyard and get a better idea of dredging operations. On the return trip, you check with the designer about last-minute changes in Terra et Aqua and with the printer about planning the on-press date and mailing of the magazine.

Back at the office, you realize the Public Relations Committee meeting is in three weeks and you update your report outlining the articles planned for the next few issues of the magazine. But this afternoon you are out the door on time because you still have to pack your suitcase. Tomorrow you’re flying to an international conference where experts will be presenting scientific and technical papers that could be suitable for Terra – and besides that, it will be a great opportunity to expand your network in the sector.

Job description

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