Vacancy editor-copywriter

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced English language editor ((near) native speaker), with a critical eye, a feeling for tone and text structure and an unerring eye for detail. Although direct knowledge of dredging is not a prerequisite, curiosity and interest in technology and engineering as well as environment and economics are important.

The editor/copywriter is in a part time position (up to 80%) responsible for the acquisition and editing of articles, as well as writing book reviews and the overall editing of the magazine in co-operation with a designer.

The IADC Secretariat, located in The Hague, is a close knit team that supports each other in their public relations efforts for the dredging industry. In addition to overall management of Terra et Aqua, the editor will be expected to write articles for third party magazines, texts for press releases, presentations, and pieces for the IADC website and social media channels (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

The editor/copywriter will also help edit and write other IADC publications and become part of this team of dedicated public relations specialists working to provide information about dredging within the industry as well as to stakeholders, journalists and the broader public.

A day in the life of an editor at the IADC

Please click the following link to read about a day in the life of an editor at the IADC.

A day of the life of an editor


About IADC

IADC stands for “International Association of Dredging Companies” and is the global umbrella organisation for contractors in the private dredging industry. IADC has over one hundred main and associated members. Together they represent the forefront of the dredging industry. The role of the IADC is to promote the skills, integrity and reliability of the dredging industry in general and its members specifically.

To that end, IADC publishes a number of publications to inform and educate a broad range of readers. For 45 years, Terra et Aqua, its quarterly technical journal, has been the association’s central public relations outreach for the industry. It is the only such publication of its kind written especially for and about the dredging industry.

About Terra et Aqua

Terra et Aqua presents dredging and maritime construction articles on scientific and state-of-the-art subjects. Submissions for articles are welcomed from all those involved in dredging, members and non-members, and all submissions are subject to peer review. The journal is distributed free of charge to more than 5,000 readers world-wide and is available to interested parties upon request. The magazine is supported solely by the IADC as a service to the world-wide dredging community and represents IADC's commitment to the highest standards of professional conduct.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Become familiar with the industry and its interests.
  • Actively search for relevant content for the Terra et Aqua journal. This entails contacting experts in the field and attending pertinent conferences.
  • Ensure that all scheduled copy and photo material is collected in time and giving constructive feedback to authors.
  • Demonstrate a talent for language through intelligent and original headlines, intros, pull quotes.
  • Correct and restructure articles, which may be submitted by non-native English speakers, to create an optimal reading experience.
  • Ensure linguistically flawless grammar, spelling, punctuation and hyphenation.
  • Support the technical editing of all pages with an eye for content and form (running, placement and shape of text elements in the layout and the balance between text and image).
  • Assist in creating a visually balanced design whilst working closely with the graphic designer.
  • Write dredging related articles on request for external (third party) magazines.
  • Write presentations for international conferences on behalf of the Secretary General.
  • Research, write and edit other IADC publications.
  • Have a good understanding of both the print and online demands of today’s publishing world.
  • Assist in determining new target groups for the journal.
  • Promote the journal to these target groups via social media and at conferences to increase readership.
  • Participate and contribute ideas in the Public Relations/ Editorial Board meetings where decisions are made on articles, target groups and other promotional tools aimed at achieving the mission of the IADC.
  • Act as a teammate in offering support for language and other editing matters for colleagues.


Our candidate

  • Is a reliable centre of operations, with a deep appreciation of quality.
  • Likes a dynamic environment, lacks a 9 to 5 mentality.
  • Has a hands-on mentality and is a team player.
  • Has good organisational skills and thinks in terms of solutions.
  • Never misses a deadline and disciplines authors to meet their deadlines.
  • Is capable and feels comfortable networking.
  • Has by preference experience with editing in Acrobat.
  • Has experience in editing technical journal content.
  • Enjoys working with scientists and engineers who write articles next to their regular work.
  • Can work with non-native English speakers to clarify and improve the accuracy of their articles.
  • Is independent, sociable, flexible and communicative, with technical interests.
  • Is willing to travel a few times annually to dredging conferences.
  • Enjoys technology and is interested in learning about the challenges of the dredging industry.
  • Has a higher professional education.
  • Possesses some proficiency in speaking and understanding Dutch.



Please email your application to René Kolman ( before 15-04-2017.

This position is not available for freelancers, interim professionals or candidates via external agencies.